Wonderful real sourdough bread made with love.


We are Mrs Sourdough, a bakery, patisserie & coffee shop in Chatham, Kent. Our warm and welcoming shop in Chatham is filled with fresh baked sourdough loaves daily, as well as incredible cakes, savoury treats, lunches, coffee and much more more. We are well known for our artisan bread which is kneaded, leavened, shaped and baked with traditional methods. No artificial preservatives, no flour improvers, the only thing we add is our endless passion for real bread.

Why sourdough bread?

Sourdough bread isn’t made with commercial yeast but with a live fermented culture of flour and water (also called sourdough starter or wild yeast) to help the dough rise. This makes it one of the healthiest breads as the long fermentation helps break down gluten and it becomes more digestible and you feel much lighter. Plus it tastes so good!

Who is Mrs Sourdough?

Kat, the founder, made a move from a successful career in property to full-time bread making in 2019. She started out baking for herself and her fiancé and it wasn’t long before she realised that there was demand for real sourdough bread in Kent. Kat puts all her passion and creativity into the loaves and has quickly gained a huge and loyal following due to the quality of the bread and her kindness.

  • "My new found gem! It's such a simple yet cozy cafe and bakery. They've got a nice variety of delicious breads and cakes (that I just want to try them all!). Their cheesecakes are all yummy! Their coffee is also topnotch. The owners and employees are also very friendly. I highly recommend this. 🙂"

    - Estephanie

  • "The most incredible bread. I love sourdough but have never been able to find a decent baker. I stumbled across Mrs Sourdough on Google maps and have been ordering regularly ever since. She is a new business and is expanding her range and everything that she produces is amazing. I can't recommend her highly enough."

    - Debbie

  • "Had a delicious sandwich and coffee! The bread was absolutely out of this world. Amazing! They have loads to offer including fresh bread, freshly baked sweet and savory treats, and lots more. Absolutely perfect coffee. Seemed like lovely people too. Highly recommend! Can't believe I found this In the highstreet - and so glad that I did. A real proper bakery with the highest of standards yet fair prices. Can't wait to go back and try more."

    - Tara-Jade

  • "The bakery and cafe is a fantastic asset to Chatham Town centre and a much needed addition to casual eating. The selection of fresh made sourdough bread is good as are the choice of cakes or sweetmeats. The atmosphere at Mrs. Sourdough is quiet, welcoming and friendly. I will definitely revisit and so should you."

    - Stephen

  • "The most delicious bread ever! I’ve ordered a few times from here and I would highly recommend. The bread is sooooo good and lots of really tasty flavours. My favourite is the sundried tomato and herb sourdough. I picked it up and it was still warm, crunchy and just amazing."

    - Mal Brace

  • "I had passed this bakery on my way to Chatham so many times with the intention of going in and trying out their sourdough bread and I finally managed to go in for the first time last week. The staff are amazingly friendly and the breads, bakes and cakes are up to expectation! The multi grain sourdough loaf is amazing, the best I've tried so far anywhere and that's including from stores like Harrods and Bread Ahead in Borough Market! The family are also hooked on their cinnamon babka and their giant salted pretzels. Although I'm tempted not to post this, as I don't want this wonderful secret to be exposed to too many people, I genuinely think that the team at Mrs Sourdough truly deserve all the accolades and success that they deserve."

    - Jerry

  • "One of the best places I have visited for ages. Outstanding coffee, excellent bread and cakes. Brilliant helpful and friendly service. Will definitely be returning."

    - George


Come and visit us at our bakery, patisserie & coffee shop in Chatham.
Open Tuesday - Saturday from 8.30am. Fresh baked bread daily.

The Mrs Sourdough Bread Club.

Don’t miss another loaf from Mrs Sourdough! Become a member of our Bread Club.

Baked to perfection, made with love.

As all Mrs Sourdough’s loaves are kneaded, leavened, shaped and baked in our artisan bakery we are only able to supply limited quantities (this is the beauty of it, isn’t it?). 

All our bread is made to the highest standard in our bakery in Chatham, Kent. We only use the best ingredients to create our lovely loaves. Our bread contains 3 ingredients - flour, water and salt, that's it! No additives, no excess sugar, just delicious bread made by your local baker.

Join the Bread Club today and not only will you recieve fresh baked bread every week, we will also throw in a FREE loaf every month!

Fresh baked bread, every week.

We created the Bread Club to keep up with the high demand from our loyal customers. Every week our members collect their order of our sourdough loaves, is there anything better than the smell of fresh baked bread? By joining our Bread Club we have made ordering your sourdough easy, you can order for the month ahead and ensure that you never miss a loaf.

Our bread is available to collect every Saturday from our bakery in Chatham. You will also always be the first to find out about our limited specially flavoured loaves that are made every week. Apart from making sure that you’ll always have the nicest bread in Kent, you will also get an additional FREE loaf as a gift from Mrs Sourdough every month!

Join today and get an extra loaf on us, every single month!

Our bread is baked ready to collect every Saturday from our bakery in Chatham, Kent.


We supply our bread for trade, contact us for more information.

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Contact Us

We hope to see you at our bakery, patisserie & coffee shop in Chatham soon! We are open Tuesday - Saturday and have fresh baked sourdough loaves available everyday from 8.30am.

If you would like to place an order or join our Bread Club please fill in our online form. All our bread is available to pick up from our site in Chatham.

  • Mrs Sourdough Bakery
  • 74 High St,
  • Chatham,
  • Kent,
  • ME4 4DS,
  • United Kingdom
  • 01634 610 862

We are also happy to supply farm shops, restaurants, hotels, etc. So if you are interested in wholesale orders please get in touch!

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